Flatweave Rugs | Hand Loomed Rugs

These stunning Flatweave Rugs | Hand Loomed Rugs are beautifully designed, they’re designed to stay beautiful.

Experience the exotic vibe of modern designs with a nomadic lifestyle.

Which boasts a variety of designs in pastel tones and tribal patterns.

Breathe new life into any space with these works of art.

The magnificent designs and tones of these rugs are sure to add a spirited touch to any room.

Each weave and colour has been designed to match elements of your decor.

Adding a rich and warm look to any home.

Very stylish rugs on the first impression with Lasting Beauty.

These rugs can be used to make a clear and beautiful statement of design.

Or help tie a room’s decor scheme together.

Choose from new season fresh colours specially selected to match current trends for your living room, bedroom or family room areas.

All our rug pages have option tabs for various sizes and colours for that particular product.

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