Boat molds

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Boat molds

Boat Molds 

Using Boat Molds to Cut and Shape Your Boat Carpet

At carpet capers we often see our customers bring their existing boat floor coverings into our shop to use as a template, for their new carpet fit out and this is the easiest way to re shape your new Boat Flooring.

Our Marine Capet Products are Very easy to work with, which makes cutting and shaping your own carpet for your boat a very easy DIY  project.

Using Your Existing Boat Molds

Using an existing carpet template is extremely successful and can achieve a professional finish.

The only questions we do ask our customers are to make sure that the old Template hasn’t shrunk or needs to be adjusted in size.

And if so, to add the extra needed measurements, by way of either drawing on top of your template and adding the extra measurement sizes needed with a permanent marker.

Or using sticking tape and cardboard or paper to adjust the sizes to your template.

You can then apply these extra sizes as needed when shaping your new carpet Shape.

New Boat Molds               

For Boat Fit outs with no template to work from.

This application does take a little longer to cut and install.

Best recommendations would be to use a firm Brown paper or flat hard wearing plastic.

Some sticky tape to join your pieces together.

All you need to do with this application is to neatly cut and shape this soft material to the shape of your vessels floor.

Overlap past your desired edges and press your permanent marker into the edges.

Draw just like tracing the edges, use a straight edge for longer areas if necessary.

But I have always found there are not to many straight areas in one particular area in a boat.

Once you have traced the perimeter.

Cut out your mold.

Double check no adjustments are needed.

Your template is now ready to be placed on your new carpet.

Always remember to mark topside and bottom side of your template for further cutting and shaping of your new carpet.

Tracing and cutting your carpet

Once you’re Template is complete.

Put your new Carpet rolled out Topside down and lying flat on the ground e.g. (The Backing of your new carpet should be visible once rolled flat), on a firm surface.

Unroll your completed Template topside down and lying flat on top of your carpet on the ground.

Making sure that your mould is lying straight, and accurate on your carpet.

Satisfied with your mould positioned on your new carpet .

Proceed to trace your template out on your new Carpet with a permanent marker.

When completed remove your old template.

With a sharp Stanley knife begin to cut your new template.

Whenever I am cutting a mould this way I always cut on the inside of my texter markings and make sure I have successfully cut through the product and not pull it apart.

All Our Marine Carpet Products are very easy to work with and Sharp scissors will also do the work you need.

Once your template is complete trim any excess fluff or fibre and your new mould is ready to do its job.

Reminder Tips

  1. Make sure Your Existing boat Mold sits OK in you vessel and adjust to suit
  2. Mark Top and Bottom on your new Mold for new tracing purposes
  3. Make sure before Tracing you have both your carpet mould and your new carpet lying down the same way, e.g. both topsides facing down
  4. Don’t cut your Mold until you are Happy with the way your mould is lying on your new carpet, you can always re trace your mold.
  5. When using your knife you don’t always cut right through the first time, I generally use my knife to shape out the marked lines first then re cut a second time to finish
  6. Never pull the carpet apart always use scissors or your knife to separate your new carpet mold
  7. Always remembering to use caution when using a sharp Stanley Knife and scissors.
  8. All of our products will not fall apart once cut, however we do recommend trimming any loose edges with scissors to neaten up the product, (only where needed)

Carpet Capers can also cut and shape your Boat molds for you.

If you are able to send through your templates to us, we can certainly cut and trim any shape required.

Carpet capers has an over locking service available as well.


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