Bevelled Edge Ramp

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Ramp sizes.

The Bevelled edge, 8 mm thick to 1mm thick, board width 120mm, length of each board 1.2 mt

The bevelled edge, 12 mm thick to 1mm thick, board width 145mm, length of each board 1.2 mt

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Bevelled edge ramp.

Beveled edge ramping, also known as beveled edge transitions is a type of floor transition solution used to create a smooth and gradual slope between two different flooring surfaces.

The purpose of ramping is to provide a safe and seamless transition, particularly when there is a difference in height between two adjoining floors.

These ramps are commonly used in areas where a wheelchair or wheeled equipment needs to move between surfaces, or in spaces where a tripping hazard needs to be minimized.

Key Features and Description:

  1. Gradual Slope: edge ramping features a sloped design that allows for a gradual transition between two flooring surfaces with different heights. The slope is typically gentle, providing a smooth incline that prevents abrupt changes in elevation.
  2.     Material: These ramps are often made from durable MDF timber.
  3. Safety and Accessibility: prioritize safety and accessibility by reducing the risk of tripping or stumbling when moving from one-floor surface to another. They offer a more even and stable surface for wheelchair users, individuals with mobility challenges, and those pushing strollers or carts.
  4. Easy Installation: Beveled edge ramps are designed for easy installation and can be affixed to the floor using adhesive or screws, depending on the type and material of the ramp.
  5. Versatility: These ramps are suitable for various applications and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. They are commonly used in doorways, thresholds, and other areas where floor height differences exist.
  6. Durable and Long-Lasting: The materials used in beveled edge ramping are chosen for their durability and ability to withstand frequent foot traffic, rolling loads, and environmental conditions.
  7. Aesthetically Pleasing: ramping solutions are designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding flooring, providing a neat and aesthetically pleasing transition between different spaces, and are designed to be covered by any flooring type.

Whether it’s between hardwood and tile flooring, carpet and laminate, or any other flooring combination, beveled edge ramping offers a practical and visually appealing solution to create a safe and smooth transition for everyone, regardless of their mobility needs. These ramps contribute to the overall accessibility and functionality of the space, making them a valuable addition to any building or home.

Ramp sizes.

The Bevelled edge, is 8 mm thick to 1mm thick, the board width is 120mm, length of each board is 1.2 mt

The Bevelled edge is 12 mm thick to 1mm thick, the board width is 145mm, length of each board is 1.2 mt

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