Cushion Pad | Carpet Underlay

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A high performance recycled textile carpet cushion underlay.

Guaranteed to offer excellent underlay comfort.

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Cushion Pad | Carpet Underlay

A great Cushion Pad | Carpet Underlay for everyday usage.

Easily installed as a DIY project.

A high-performance recycled textile carpet cushion underlay.

That’s designed for marine and automotive underlay usage.

It complies with Australian fire propagation standards.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions.

If you are looking for a proven and reliable underlay.

This underlay will certainly deliver.

Our commercial and domestic carpet underlay products are hard-wearing.

Guaranteed to offer excellent underlay comfort.

Correctly installed, this cushion underlay will extend the life of your carpet.

Make your floors quieter to walk on.

Providing cushion underlay insulation benefits.

Safeguarding your carpets look their best year after year.

Featured Benefits.

10 mm Thickness.

1.8 MT width.

Superb Underlay Comfort.

Reduced Noise Transmission.


Thermal Rated.

Asthma and Allergy Friendly.

Underfloor heating.

Perfect automotive underlay.

 If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable automotive underlay.

This product will certainly provide the required needs for your underlay requirements.

The cushion Pad underlay is a recycled underlay comfort.

With a Fire Propagation (AS2404) which complies with Australian Test Method AS2111-18.

Manufactured to keep bouncing back in high-traffic areas, ensuring your carpets look great year after year.


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1 MTR X 1.8 MTR, 2 MTR X 1.8 MTR, 3 MTR X 1.8 MTR, 4 MTR X 1.8 MTR




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