Diminishing Strip

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A great trim to use when your floor coverings finish to nothing.

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Diminishing Strip

DIY Bevelled Diminishing Strip.

A great trim to use when your floor coverings finish to nothing.

This trim is raised at one end and bevels off to a flat finish,

A very easy-to-use trim, simply glue this product to the floor.

Contact cement is a great glue to secure the trim directly to the existing flooring.

Strip can be glued using contact cement to concrete and timber floors.

This trim is a solid rubber trim.

5mm at the thickest, 33mm width, then beveled off to near the level finish.

Easily cut with the scissors of a box cutter.

After your strip is glued securely to the existing flooring.

Trim your carpet or vinyl to the 5mm raised edge.

Then glue your carpet/vinyl product down to your existing flooring.

No screws or plugs are needed.

Only available in black.

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