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Marine Liner

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Marine Liner suitable for walls and ceilings.

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Marine Liner.

This Marine Liner product is widely used throughout the marine industry.

A proven material with a professional finish.

Marine Liner in boat cabin                                            An extremely soft plush polypropylene carpet.

                             Developed Specifically for marine interior trim and lining applications.

                                               The marine liner is made from a tough, water-resistant synthetic polypropylene fibre.

                                                              Designed for marine interior trim linings.

And is perfect for wall and roof linings.

Very flexible wall liner and is easy to mould and work with on any surfaces.

A fantastic DIY product for your next project.

Marine Liner Specifications.

Superior indoor  UV protection.

High resistance to moisture, mould and mildew.

Anti-static properties.

Insect resistant.

Cost efficient, long service life.

Guarantee to not fray, zipper, snag or peal.

Stain shield fibres for superior stain resistance.

Installation can be DIY.

Easily maintained.

100% solution dyed polypropylene.

Anti-static properties.

Perfect for commercial wall & partition lining displays only, no floors.

Lightweight marine carpet, wall or roof lining.

2-metre width.

Suitability Commercial-Recreational.

Boating wall lining.

Carpet roof lining.

Wall displays.

Wall Liner.

Commercial domestic wall & partition linings.


Our best-selling sizes for sale are listed above.

We can work with you to supply any length required to meet your specific needs.

Please Contact Us For any inquiries or larger lengths required.

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1 review for Marine Liner

  1. Justin Paulsen

    Hi Justin. Just a couple of pics of the transformation of our Transit. Thanks to a little advice, your Hull liner and 101s contact adhesive. Thanks heaps, Sandy and Dave.

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