Flatweave Rugs

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Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave Rugs.

The difference between flatweave rugs and a plush pile rug.

Most conventional rugs are machine-made.

Giving the pile a looser feel depending on the machine settings.

However, a flatwoven rug is usually hand-loomed from kilns.

Giving the pile structure a firmer and tighter weave.

Although most flatwoven rugs are hand-loomed.

Some are still produced by rug machines.

Most of these machine-made styles of flat-woven rugs are also designed for outdoor usages as well.

Majority of kiln made flat-woven rugs are produced with wool, Jute and hemp yarns.

All of which is very hard-wearing and Eco-friendly materials.

Strong fibres make these rugs durable enough for high traffic areas.

In addition, they are lighter in weight, and some products are reversible.

Flatwoven rugs are a perfect companion to your summer household.

Are ideal for all indoor/outdoor entertainment areas.

Uncomplicated patterns and designs, our flatwoven rugs come in a large range of styles.

With a variety of modern designs not only in pastel tones and tribal patterns.

Also, inspired by the latest trends of Scandinavian bohemian designs.

If you are looking for a flatwoven rug.

Just remember that they will be a firmer underfoot material than other plush pile rugs.



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