Cutting Joins Shaping Marine Carpets

Cutting Joins Shaping Marine Carpets

Cutting Joins Shaping Marine Carpets.

  1.  Cutting Joins Shaping Marine Carpets Outdoor Marine Carpet, Factory edges can be butted together however it’s recommended to check first as some trimming may be required. If joining needs to be cut we recommend double cutting, E.G overlapping marine carpet joins giving yourself some material to overlap with both sides of the carpet, and using a sharp Stanley knife and straight edge cut a straight line through both materials. This join is achievable in outdoor marine carpets and the join should be nearly invisible.
  2. Marine Carpet Teak Plank & Plush Length joins can be cut by scribing the marine carpet with a small pointed Philips screwdriver or similar tool, this will part the pile and ribbed area of the carpet and give you a straight line cut to join your carpet. We recommend cutting at the ribbed line of the carpet e.g. leave the rib on one side of the join and the tufted plush pile on the other side of the join. Joins on the width or across the pile can be double cut as in the above number 1s directions.

Sharp scissors and a sharp Stanley knife are recommended for all cutting, joining, and shaping of the above marine carpets, both these materials are very easy to cut with these tools. Extreme caution must be taken when working with these tools. Cutting these materials you must use common sense and keep all fingers and toes and children away from all these sharp-edged tools. When using a Stanley knife always cut away from your body and hands. Once your Stanley blade has blunted replace the blade as a dull knife blade will not cut these materials.

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