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Outdoor Grass Carpet Mats.

Add a realistic looking touch of nature to your outdoor living space with a Carpet Capers outdoor grass carpet mats.

Designed to replicate a real lawn, our artificial grass carpet rugs will liven up any space.

Perfect for all outdoor entertainment areas.

Ideal matting for kids’ play areas, balconies, games rooms and garages.

Grass mats can be used as a temporary covering.

Or rolled out to the desired surface as a permanent floor cover solution.

Synthetic outdoor grass mats are also often used at events to create green space or cover uneven surfaces.

Our best-selling sizes are listed on our site.

However we can work with you to manufacture an outdoor grass mat to meet your specific needs.

Please contact us for more information.

Carpet Capers is pleased to offer free delivery Australia wide on our range of synthetic outdoor grass mats.

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