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Cork Rolls

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Cork Rolls are a extremely versatile and multi-purpose product.

A great DIY Material.

6 mm Thick x 1.220 mm Wide

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Cork rolls.

Composite 6 mm thick Cork rolls and sheeting are a durable multi-purpose material.

The perfect product for insulation, soundproofing,  flooring, walls, hobbies and crafts.

Cork roll and sheeting range offers a high quality, very clean cork grain.

With excellent visual soundproofing and insulating properties.

An rewarding material to work with.

Very flexible cork roll can be cut easily with a sharp knife.

Allowing you to shape and size it as required, whatever your application.

Extremely versatile product, cork sheets can be used all around the home.

Often used as a budget soundproofing solution in noise-producing areas.

Perfect for bulletin or pin boards of all sizes.

From desktop or fridge size to a full wall of cork panelling.

Keep your office, studio or kids’ bedrooms and playrooms organised.

And looking good with this cheap and effective solution.

Often used in sheds, garages and granny flats as an inexpensive way to insulate the space.

Many ‘man caves’ feature cork sheeting as a wall protector behind a dartboard.

Free delivery Australia wide on our range of Cork Sheeting.

 listed above are our Our best selling cork sizes.

We can work with you to supply you with any cork length to meet your specific needs.

Please Contact Us For any inquiries or any larger cork lengths required.


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