Cork Sheeting.

Cork Sheeting is an extremely versatile product.

Produced from natural and renewable raw materials.

Cork rolls can be used all around the home.

It’s flexible and can be cut easily with a sharp knife.

Allowing you to shape and size it as required.

Whatever your application

Ideal material for.

Notice boards.

Full wall Features.

Hobby and crafts enthusiasts.

Dart Board backgrounds.

Functional wall decorations.

Practical & hygienic materials.

Bacteriologic properties that do not attract dust.

Very practical usage solution in classrooms.

Sanitary choice for healthcare environments.

A great way to keep your office, a studio looking good.

And your kids’ bedrooms and playrooms organised.

Our most popular sizes are listed on our website.

Various Sizes Available Online.

We can also work with you.

Customise a cork size to your specifications.

Please contact us for more information.

Free shipping Australia wide.