Boat Carpet

Boat Carpet

Boat Carpet.

Our range of boat carpet and Marine Carpet teak/plank/plush products are designed to cater to people looking for
a comfortable and high-grade boat carpet.

Marine Carpet Teak Navy Cream

That can withstand nature’s elements.

Making these products suitable for any exterior or interior use on boats, pontoons,
aero-planes, trains, caravans and almost any outdoor recreational vehicle or vessel.

 Designed for the marine and boat carpet industry.

These Products are also manufactured for all outside living usage.

Giving this material a more luxurious outdoor experience.

Compared to our outdoor marine carpets.

These outdoor carpets are the perfect complement for any outside areas.

Manufactured from the highest quality UV treated fibres.

Coupled with specialist HydraBak marine grade polymer.

Quality backing adhesives ensure they stand up to the rigours of external use, such as
sunlight and moisture.

For a tough durable product, these boat carpets are remarkably soft and comfortable.

Available in 2&4 metre widths to suit most installations.

Constructed from the highest quality UV resistant fibres.

Mould and mildew resistant for hygiene & maintenance.

Good sound absorption qualities.

100% Marine-grade SDPP BCF Fibres with maximum UV inhibitors added.

Premium colour stabilization material used for extrusion.

Primary backing is a Marine grade UV stabilized Polypropylene woven cloth.

Specifically developed with adhesives designed for locking cut and loop pile threads.

Marine Carpet.

Outdoor Marine Carpet
Outdoor Marine Carpet

Our Outdoor Marine Carpet and Outdoor Marine Carpet Ribbed ranges.

Manufactured with premium-grade 100% Polypropylene.

Waterproof and highly UV resistant.

Stain shield fibres for superior stain resistance.

That will stand up to the most punishing of outdoor conditions, including wind, rain and sun.

Suitable for any use on pontoons, boats, caravans, pool areas, patio areas.

Perfect for gyms, health and aged care, offices, sporting facilities, garages, education and entrance matting

With a high resistance to mould and mildew.

Anti static properties and insect resistant.

Will, not fray or zipper.

The texture of these materials is a bit coarser than our marine carpet ranges.

Enhancing the durability of this material in high traffic applications

Marine Carpet Ribbed is a ribbed carpet design.

Providing a firm grip-even in slippery and wet conditions.

The heavy ribbed non-slip profile.

Make this boat carpet ideal for indoor and outdoor ramps, steps, walkways and entranceways.

Outdoor carpet is a plush carpet design.

With a flat surface texture giving this material a plush look and feel.

Carpet Capers welcomes all inquiries on all of our products.

Delivery is available on all of our products Australia Wide.

Marine Carpet Teak Teak Black
Marine Carpet Teak Teak Black
Marine Carpet Teak Teak Cream
Marine Carpet Teak Cream

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  • Paul Reply

    Just bought marine carpet on line. Next day delivery, interstate, a very professional and efficient supplier.

    24/05/2017 at 11:40 am


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